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Welcome to
African Warrior Books!
Our MISSION is to Liberate and Educate the African Mind.  The books available on this site are a reflection of our mission statement.  We Feature Authors such as Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Jack Felder, Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango, Dr. Ben, Dr. Clinton Crawford, Dr. Amos Wilson and many other Warrior Scholars.


Feature Article

Should Blacks celebrate Misgiving Day?
By Dr. Jack Felder 

July 30, 1621, was the day set aside for the celebration of the survival of the English colonialists through the first bitter winter that destroyed more than half their numbers. In the autumn of 1621, Governor Bradford of Massachusetts issued a proclamation calling for a Thanksgiving Celebration Feast to commemorate the 
gathering of the first harvest. This celebration lasted three days, during which time the half-starved white English Pilgrims and the Indians feasted on wild turkey and deer (venison). The Indians, of course, supplied the turkey and venison. 

African American people and African people in general either tend to forget or dont want to remember the true history of their encounter with white western people. African American people have been in these United States since 1619. They have been joining with the descendants of the same white western European murderers who 
enslaved them and systematically all but destroyed the Native Americans (so called Indians) in feasting and giving thanks to the god of the white western world for the "opportunity" to have been enslaved, segregated, discriminated against, lynched, murdered, assassinated 
and raped in these United States of America. 

Black people celebrating Thanksgiving Day is like the white European Americans celebrating the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Jews celebrating Hitlers birthday or the Black South Africans celebrating the anniversary 
of the arrival of the white racist ruling class to their native land. Several years ago some white officials of New York State invited Indians to a big Thanksgiving dinner. The Indians said, "Hell, no! That would be like our  "Last Supper." 

Let us look at the actual facts of the white English settlers attempts to establish money-making enterprises on the continent of North America.  Many educated Blacks are not aware that English people had made 
three attempts in North America before the November, 1620 landing of the English Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in what is now Massachusetts. 

The first attempts by the English to set up colonies in the New World were made by Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh. Gilbert started a colony in New Foundland, but it failed because of cold weather, hunger, and sickness. Raleigh made two attempts to 
start settlements on Roanoke Island near the coast of what is now North Carolina. The first attempt in 1585 did not succeed. The group returned to England. In the second attempt to start the colony in 1587, the group was exterminated by the local Indians.  It seems as if the Indians in North Carolina had better sense than
the Indians in Virginia or Massachusetts. 

The London Company sent the first group of white English profit-seeking colonists in December, 1606. They brought with them tools, cloth and household goods. Their charter allowed them to settle in somebody 
elses country, what is now Virginia and North Carolina. In April 1607, they entered Chesapeake Bay. A few days later they found a river that they named the James after their ruler King James. They set foot on a small peninsula and formed the first permanent white English settlement 
in America. Located in the area now known as Virginia, the new settlement was named Jamestown. These white greedy English colonists suffered terribly for the first few years. If the native American Indians had not 
helped them, all would have perished. 

Listen to this Black America. This is how you got into these United States of AmeriKKa. The lazy white English settlers didnt want to work, so they imported Black African slaves to work as free labor. They made contact 
with the Dutch slave traders and in 1619, a Dutch ship brought 20 Africans to Jamestown, Va. This was the beginning of the Black African peoples never-ending racial nightmare in present day U.S.A. Yes, my people, the Black African peoples Day of Infamy in the U.S.A. was in August, 1619 in Jamestown, Va. It is a day you should never forget! 

The Pilgrims didnt want religious freedom, they wanted wealth. The white English capitalists who had created the Virginia Company for exploiting the wealth of the New World made them an offer they could not refuse.  This information is available in British historical documents. The Virginia Company gave white English pilgrims ships and supplies. In return for this help, the Pilgrims sent crops, animal skins and furs to the company as well as any gold they were able to find. The white English colonists came to America because of greed, not religious needs. 

In September 1620, the crew and 101 passengers set sail for America in a little ship called the Mayflower. Everybody had "gold fever." It took ten weeks to cross the Atlantic Ocean in their little boat. Heavy storms 
drove the Mayflower off its course. The winds carried them far north of  the Virginia settlement. In November 1620, the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, in what is now Massachusetts. When the English Puritans saw that 
the original English Pilgrims started to make a little money from the products they were sending back to England to sell, the Puritans formed a stock company called Massachusetts Bay Company. The company would supply ships and any goods needed to build settlements.

The Puritans could look for gold, fish, trade with the American Indians and send valuable things back to England to make money for them. 

In 1628 the first group of these Puritans came to the New World to establish their own colony to make money. In Massachusetts they began a settlement, which they called Salem. 

Pilgrim cannibalism 

Captain John Smith (1580-1631) wrote, "So great was our famine that a savage we slew and buried, the poorer sort took him up again and ate him; And one amongst the rest did kill his wife, powder her and had eaten part of her."  The General History of Virginia, Fourth Book, Page 294 (1606-1625) 

Lazy Pilgrims steal from the Indians 

The Indian to whom hospitality was a creed welcomed the whites at first but soon found that they had but one idea loot. One of the first acts of the Pilgrim fathers on touching American soil was to steal from them. These "savages," as they called them, had no rights 
that a Christian European was bound to respect. The General History of Virginia, Fourth Book, Page 346 (1606-1625) 

Europe empties its jails into the new world 

If the English colonies were to be peopled, how could it be? Stockholders in the Virginia venture found the answer: use it as a place of punishment.  Ship the convicts and others of Englands unwanted there. 

Virginia Company logs - England ships its whores and harlots to the new world. (Mothers of the  American Revolution) 

It cannot be denied either that deportation to America was Englands favorite way of getting rid of her loose women, doubtedly this kind.  Narcissus doubted this kind. Narcissus Luttrell, writing in his diary
Thursday, Nov. 17, 1662, tells of 80 such women being sent to Virginia. 
--Narcissus Luttrells Diary 

The first 12 presidents owned Black slaves 

Wall Street was a walled off slave market, which is why it was called Wall Street. The first president of the U.S., George Washington, owned more than 400 Black slaves. To learn a true history of the U.S.A., read A Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn. 
The Revolution Book Store in Lower Manhattan and Liberation Book Store located at Lenox Avenue and 131st St. in Harlem sell this book (and this web site). Also read Afrikan People and White Western European 
People Holidays: A Mental Genocide by Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango, which is sold in most Black book stores (and this web site). 

To discover more about these and other historical facts, my people, read books, newspapers, travel and ask questions important to your well being.

Best of luck to all of you. 

Scholar of the Week:
Dr.John Henrik Clarke


Dr. Clarke was one of the formost African Historians, Nationalist and Pan- Africanists of history. 


John Henrik Clarke: The Early Years by Barbara Eleanor Adams. This Biographical work is done by one of his former students.  It Chronicles the early years of his life and has a collection of essays by Dr. Clarke that are dynamic.  $14.95

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